Roads And Infrastructure

Norder’s experience in the built environment and the facilities needed to allow businesses to flourish extends to the provision of roads and infrastructure necessary to support industry.

The disciplines covered in this field by Norder include:

1. Pavement structure design in asphalt, concrete and composite
2. Road engineering
3. Vehicle movement modelling
4. Road safety barrier systems
5. Flood risk assessments
6. Flood protection systems
7. Drainage design
8. Rail environment design

The scale of Norder’s involvement varies dependant on client requirements and Norder has facilities to develop projects up to many kilometres in length. While in many instances the provision of road and infrastructure design is there to facilitate an industrial development in which Norder has an interest, we have designed a number of road projects both at the London Olympics and also in the military environment.

3D modelling is utilised on our pavement and infrastructure engineering projects to deliver the benefits of onward use by clients and contractors and to ensure ease of design change for whatever reason.

The climate and climate change plays a very significant role in the solutions that we design and while the need to develop sustainable solutions is paramount in our approach to engineering we seek to provide durable solutions by always offering appropriate sustainability.

When constructing large area pavements every centimetre reduction in pavement thickness can have a very major impact on the viability and total cost of the project. We develop efficient solutions by using an in depth knowledge of the various pavement structure design approaches coupled with a detailed understanding of how different ground formations interact with the pavement. Norder has developed key experience over many years in the field of concrete pavement engineering both for heavy and light industrial facilities where we are able to provide and advise on design solutions that provide long term performance.

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