Transportation involvement for Norder extends over a broad number of areas that includes Airports (civil and military), Ports, Roads and Rail. In all of these areas, Norder have been able to offer their specialist civil and structural knowledge to ensure efficient and durable solutions

The ability to transport goods and materials in a safe and efficient manner is necessary for any economy to succeed and grow. Successful transport infrastructure is reliant on durable low maintenance solutions that Norder have a long history of developing. The types of project in which Norder have been involved include:

  • Airport terminal facilities
  • Airport taxiway refurbishment
  • Security facility design
  • Highway pavement design
  • Heavy duty pavement design
  • Drainage facility design
  • Bridge design including bridge inspection and refurbishment
  • Buried structure design
  • Embankment design and modelling
  • Temporary works design including deep cofferdams, working platforms



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