About Us

Who we are.

We are Norder. A company of consulting engineers, architects and innovators based in Belper, Derbyshire. We specialise in structural and civil engineering, architecture, project management and CDM across the worlds of industry, leisure, infrastructure, commerce, retail, hi-tech manufacturing, nuclear, hygienic environments, military, aviation, rail, ports and harbours.

Since our formation in 1975, we have grown steadily under the guidance of our seven Directors, all of whom are Chartered Engineers, Chartered Architects and Chartered Building Surveyor, and our Financial Director. Together we have built a formidable track record of handling both high profile and niche projects across the UK, USA, Middle East and Europe.

Military Aviation


What we do

With our extensive knowledge and innovative approach, we add value at every stage. By combining engineering knowledge with architectural flair, we seamlessly offer a more complete package, providing big picture thinking whilst forensically examining the magnified detail of the world’s most complex challenges.

We also believe in designing to the end of every project, so instead of handing over when a milestone is reached, our senior people are consistently involved, guaranteeing high standards throughout. In everything we do, we think as a team and deliver as a team, leveraging our network of connected specialists and bringing senior partner proactivity to the table at all times. Because the way we see it, the only way to be really sure of complete success is to see each project through to completion.

Tilbury Docks Pavement Construction


Our difference.

Our difference is simple. We thrive on complexity. Right from the outset, we apply a different mindset. Where others say it can’t be done, we say not only can it be done, but it can be achieved ahead of schedule and reassuringly on budget. But above all, people think of us, because they prefer the way we think. There’s something infinitely reassuring about talking to someone who fully understands your processes and problems, with first-hand experience of solving similar issues. We apply a responsive, intuitive mindset, combining a whole range of complementary skillsets to offer seamless, well-reasoned engineering and architectural solutions.

Poole Harbour Quay


Our core principles.

Our core principles are the main foundations of our business and have remained largely unchanged for the past 45 years.

Through the services we provide within Norder, we offer complete design solutions reinforced by selective subcontracting to tried and tested partner companies who are true specialists in their fields. As we grow and develop our company as engineers, architects and innovators our core principles will always be:

  • We promise personal director involvement on every project – ensuring design ingenuity & continuity
  • We build our knowledge every day – because we believe it’s better to be informed
  • We are flexible and personable – building strong relationships that last
  • We are outstanding at understanding – listening carefully to design better answers
  • We simplify the complex – solving problems in some of the most problematic sectors
  • We see the world differently – our design vision is driven by insight and experience
  • We have a can-do attitude – which means that no challenge is too challenging
  • We have a controlled maverick approach – we innovate until we find the right solution
  • We are honest and straightforward – working ethically and operating with integrity at all times
  • We always put safety first – because we believe it’s a better world with safety in it


We have many industry standard accreditations including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 & RISQ.