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The scope of assessments which may be required to secure planning consent on any given project are many and wide ranging. Where any work undertaken is deemed to have a potentially significant effect on the environment, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Environmental Statement (ES) will be required.

Norder is highly experienced in the provision of such assessments and reports for submission to the planning authority, helping to achieve planning approval and satisfy associated planning conditions.

Wherever there is environmental uncertainty, we provide the certainty you need.

Besides providing assessments for factors such as noise, ecology or light impact, we also assist with brownfield sites and ground or asbestos contamination resulting from historical use. A Phase 1 and 2 Geotechnical and Environmental Assessment Report may be required to investigate ground contamination, along with a Remediation Strategy outlining steps required to prepare the site to an acceptable level. With pre-existing buildings, asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys may also be required. In all these areas, our knowledge is invaluable. Wherever there is uncertainty about environmental impact or ground contamination, Norder provides the certainty that planning criteria will be met.

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