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Experts in construction technology

Expert Witness/Dispute Advisory

We have several senior highly qualified surveyors and engineers providing coverage across all areas of a construction project. Each experienced in providing specific expert witness advice in and out of court when disputes occur and arbitration/ litigation become the only viable means of settlement.

Previous appointments include disputes in relation to structural failure of foundations, impact of adjacent civil infrastructure works, major roofing defects, failure of tanking systems and poor workmanship. Because our Experts are delivering projects day to day across the UK using the very latest techniques we can offer up to date and informed opinions.

Disputes and defects

Disputes and defects

Defects Analysis

The technical expertise of our staff and the application of modern surveying methods and equipment allows swift diagnosis of all types of building defect found in domestic, industrial, commercial and other types of property.

Whether it be part of a larger condition survey, the identification of the cause of a specific single defect or comment upon a latent defect issue, we are able to produce professional reports tailored to the client’s requirements. Our reports can be fully costed and provide recommendations for remedial works. We have the added resource of drone surveys allowing us to inspect and measure using the latest 4K imagery in video or still images.

Planned Maintenance Schemes/Programming

We believe in providing a structured approach to future property maintenance to safeguard and protect the long-term condition of a building in order to enhance its value. Assessment of a properties condition, its maintenance liability and producing strategies to improve operational and cost effectiveness throughout the whole life of a building are key elements that we apply to achieve this.

Condition Surveys

Condition Surveys

Condition Surveys

We have a wide experience of undertaking stock condition surveys on large and small property portfolios for clients in numerous sectors. Closely managed experienced site teams and our long-standing relationships with M&E sub-consultants ensure timely and cost- effective delivery. Data is captured using Ipad applications and report formats and dashboards are tailored to fully meet client briefs with recommendations of remedial works and associated costs to ensure that the client has sufficient information for future planned maintenance programming.

Building and Structural Condition Surveys

Providing high definition images with any defects identified. Our qualified building surveyors are on site throughout the survey enabling the inspections to investigate what we see whilst we are there. Accessing areas that traditional approaches cannot achieve we can reach inaccessible areas quickly and without obstructing operations.

Aerial Images

Providing aerial record images at a fraction of the cost. Use for surveys or progress reporting on construction operations. Capturing a 2D photomesh of accurate images which can be used for direct measurement in 2D and 3D.

3D Textured Mesh and Point Clouds

Our 3D textured mesh provides a high definition model. As part of a measured survey we are now able to use drone data to measure in 3D and produce an accurate point cloud where laser scanning cannot access.

4K Video Production

We produce high definition video records for detailed surveys of areas annotated with any defects. With the ability to produce videos to support a client’s promotional aspirations or for content within web pages. Outputs in MP4, MOV format.

Drone Survey Services

Drone survey

Licensed and Insured Professional Drone Pilots

All of our Drone activities are carried out in accordance with CAA approved and audited Operations Manuals. Our Pilots have completed fully licensed training.

Safety Matters

Because we comply fully with CAA regulations and health and safety precautions we will always undertake a pre-flight check and risk assessment before undertaking any survey. If this highlights any restrictions or precautions required, then we must follow these. If it is unsafe to fly for whatever reason, then we will not fly.

Why Norder?

  • National coverage by Chartered Building Surveyors and Engineers
  • We have expert construction technology knowledge
  • Our teams are Enhanced DBS cleared for education sites
  • We are leading the way for BIM in existing buildings, our team co-authored the RICS Guidance Note for Building Surveyors