Core Services | Building Surveying

Property acquisitions built on firmer foundations.

Before we advise on any property acquisition, we acquire detailed background knowledge. Conducting the rigorous analysis which will enable clients to make informed investment decisions.

Whether the property is for occupation or investment purposes, we look closely at the risks and cost implications associated with the purchase or tenancy agreement. Our areas of expertise cover everything from technical due diligence to stock condition surveys for industrial, commercial and retail units. If any issues become apparent, our building pathology specialists apply technical know-how and investigative tools to detect defects and assess building performance, providing detailed reports with insight-driven solutions.

Landlord and Tenant.
We’re better placed to deconstruct complex lease and liability issues.

Our ability to understand both sides of the landlord and tenancy litigation fence enables us to guide clients to a successful resolution. We apply our professional knowledge to the acquisition, tenancy and termination phases of leases, interpreting complex leases and identifying potential liabilities. Our detailed understanding of dilapidations law proves invaluable when assessing leasehold obligations, applying forensic techniques to minimise claims when defending a tenant and maximise settlement returns when acting on behalf of a landlord.

Party Wall and Neighbourly Disputes

Giving boundary disputes our undivided attention.

When it comes to boundary disputes, it’s often a fine line, requiring detailed knowledge of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992. With our extensive knowledge of the Acts and the frameworks they provide for resolving disputes between neighbours, we have successfully helped a wide-ranging portfolio of clients, from developers and landlords, to financial institutions, housing associations and private individuals.


Drone Services

Highly detailed surveys, with a drone’s-eye view of the world.

Drones are now the surveyor’s aerial assessment tool of choice, placing previously inaccessible areas within easy visual reach. Our specialised drone services includes aerial records capturing 2D and 3D Photomesh, along with 3D textured mesh and point clouds. Reality capture in 3D allows us to provide an accurate point cloud, accessing awkward areas, saving time and keeping projects on track. All of our pilots are qualified building surveyors, enabling them to investigate in real time, whilst on site. For added visual clarity, we provide high definition video records detailing any defects and can also produce videos for promotional purposes.