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Making M&E, exceptional.

Ever since Norder first opened its doors, we have offered M&E as a complementary service, by leveraging our longstanding relationships with key building services design partners to offer an enhanced and fully integrated multidisciplinary approach.

Advanced teamwork that works for you.

Our unrivalled commitment to delivering exceptional service through innovative planning and a comprehensive knowledge of engineering principles, results in truly seamless integrated solutions. Our creatively holistic approach embraces sustainable operation, maintenance, real-world costing and regular occupant feedback. To ensure high quality sustainable design and construction, we make environmental issues integral to our design process. Our strong commitment to teamwork means we are all focused on the same goals of satisfying economic and planning criteria, harmonising with the environment and meeting social needs.

Heineken Manchester – Horizontal Fermentation Vessels

Heineken Manchester - Fermentation Vessels

Bringing you capability with continuity.

Through consultation and experience, we add considerable value by focusing on issues that matter, such as cost effectiveness, life cycle performance and operational effectiveness. Every day, our highly trained and experienced design teams utilise progressive IT systems and analytical tools to create modelling and visualisations to evaluate a myriad of design possibilities. In mechanical and electrical disciplines, we combine capability with continuity, delivering technical design solutions at a consistently high level.

Heineken Manchester – Processing Facility

Heineken Manchester - Processing Facility

Problem solved, expectations exceeded.

We set achievable targets and objectives from the outset, with the principal aim of maximising opportunities to reduce energy demand and applying passive design solutions wherever possible. Active design solutions are evaluated for their whole life performance and value for money over the life of the project. With Norder, everything is thought through to ensure both operating precision and real-world practicality.

Molson Coors – Process Building External

Molson Coors - Process Building External