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Over the 40 years the business has operated we have offered this as a complementary service working with our building services design partners with whom we have built longstanding relationships to offer a fully integrated multidisciplinary approach to our clients.

A sound knowledge of engineering principles, coupled with the ability to innovate, allows us to hand over the integrated solutions required by our clients. Our creative and holistic approach embraces issues of operation and maintenance, including life-cycle costs, sustainable operation and occupant feedback. Through consultation and experience, we add significant value, and deliver a product that always represents the right value in terms of capital cost, life cycle and operational effectiveness.

We field highly experienced teams, who deploy progressive IT systems and analytical tools to create the models and visualisations which will deliver a lucid evaluation of both traditional and innovative design solutions. Within each of the mechanical and electrical sections, we offer a breadth of capability in which we deliver technically consistent design solutions with people trained and experienced in their field of expertise.

To ensure high quality sustainable design and construction, environmental issues are integral to our design process. Strongly committed to teamwork, we aim to satisfy not only the needs of economics and planning, but also to harmonise the development with the environment and meet social needs.

Our design teams set achievable targets and objectives from the outset, with the principal aim of maximising opportunities to reduce energy demand and applying passive design solutions wherever possible. Active design solutions are evaluated for their whole life performance and value for money over the life of the project.


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