Civil Engineering

Norder has been involved in civil engineering for more than 30 years during which time we have become specialists in a number of fields.

At Norder, we have continually and developed our expertise in this field in a number of directions that include:

  1. Drainage engineering
  2.  Temporary works including embankments, ground engineering, sheet pile walls, propping systems, haul roads, foundations, reinforced earth embankments, machinery working platforms
  3.  Retaining structures
  4.  Slipform barrier systems
  5.  Security barriers
  6.  Concrete pavement engineering
  7.  Ground improvement
  8.  Bridge engineering
  9.  Buried Structures

A key aspect of our success in this field of engineering is that we seek specifically to develop ‘state of the art’ solutions, beyond the limitations set in certain codes of practice. We are able to do so by bringing to bear the issue of risk management where a client may find certain risks such as minor pavement cracking perfectly acceptable as long as serviceability or safety are not affected. This allows Norder to develop innovative solutions that make it possible to reduce carbon footprint and project cost.

Using our civil engineering expertise, Norder actively develops new solutions to problems in the various fields of engineering in which we operate. Norder has successfully developed a number of anti-terrorism concrete security barrier systems, in conjunction with Britpave, able to stop vehicle borne explosives. Norder have developed a brand new concrete road safety barrier system in conjunction with PJ Davidson (UK).

Apart from minor schemes, all of our projects are developed in 3D to allow our clients the maximum flexibility for efficient use on site. Our team is experienced in the delivery of civil engineering projects where we have generated a keen understanding of the construction process so that fast and efficient construction methods can be incorporated into our design process.

While Norder progress most of their civil engineering work in house, we do draw in specialists with whom we have built good and longstanding technical relationships. These help us to provide our clients with total solutions that are the most efficient and state of the art.

Norder undertakes civil engineering work in many environments including heavy industry, roads, rail, ports and harbours, river, airfields, military, general industry and all forms of commercial and public enterprise.

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