Core Services | Civil Engineering

Taking civil engineering solutions to another level.

Our experience in civil engineering spans over 40 years and has enabled us to become specialists in numerous fields, including heavy industry, roads, rail, ports and harbours, river, airfields, military, general industry and all forms of commercial and public enterprise.

Staying ahead by planning ahead.

By pioneering new approaches in many of the areas we operate in, we are able to create state of the art solutions beyond the limitations set in certain codes of practice. (For instance, in a risk management situation where a client may find certain risks such as minor pavement cracking perfectly acceptable as long as serviceability or safety are unaffected, we have been able to develop innovative solutions which reduce both carbon footprint and project cost.)

Mersey Gateway


Leading the way in putting safety first.

Other notable developments include a concrete road safety barrier system created in conjunction with PJ Davidson (part of the Volker Wessels group). Known as Davidson’s Concrete Barrier, it has now been extensively used on major roadworks including the Aberdeen Bypass, the recent A14 link between the A1 and the M11 plus the M4 Smart Motorway scheme. We have also successfully developed a number of anti-terrorism concrete security barrier systems capable of stopping hostile vehicles and preventing loss of life.

Rainham Marshes Pedestrian Bridge

Rainham marshes pedestrian bridge

We apply a broader perspective.

Projects of larger scope are developed in 3D to allow our clients the maximum flexibility for efficient use on site. Whilst our in-depth understanding of the construction process enables advanced construction methods to be incorporated into our design process. Besides implementing most of our project work through our in-house team, we also regularly consult with hand-picked technical specialists, giving our work the broadest possible perspective and enabling us to provide clients with fully-rounded solutions.

Our key areas of specialism include:

  • Drainage engineering
  • Temporary works including embankments, ground engineering, sheet pile walls, propping systems, haul roads, foundations, reinforced earth embankments, machinery working platforms
  • Retaining structures and embankment engineering
  • Slipform barrier systems
  • Security barriers
  • Concrete pavement engineering
  • Ground improvement
  • Bridge engineering
  • Buried Structures

Poole Harbour Quay


Piling Installation, Hull