Sectors | Ports and harbours

Plotting a new way forward for ports and harbours.

Our ability to understand the complex nature of operations and unique environmental demands of ports and harbours has led to Norder’s substantial reputation in the development of highly effective and durable design solutions.

Rail Terminal at Port


Proven project delivery across the UK.

Like airfields, ports and harbours are required to support heavy loads. But in every other respect, the similarity stops there, with different infrastructure requirements and significantly less rigid controls on vehicle/ goods movement. Through many years of designing project facilities at Felixstowe, Tilbury, DP World, Dover and Poole we have developed uniquely robust solutions for pavements, buried structures and superstructure, enhancing durability and significantly reducing the risk of damage claims.

Specialist Duct Chambers


Providing protection through innovation.

Because of the uniquely corrosive environment caused by proximity to the sea, we specialise in offering intuitive solutions and robust protection against the most damaging effects of corrosion. We have also optimised development of bespoke precast solutions in full 3D for buried structures, allowing for rapid on-site installation on site throughout construction.

Tilbury Docks Pavement Construction


Specialising in the design and assessment of pavements designed specifically for port handling equipment and environments.

This includes bulk handling, container handling, forklift, mobile harbour cranes, reachstackers, RMG, RTG, and straddle carriers. By their very nature, ports are usually located in areas with poor ground conditions, and yet the loading applied by port handling equipment is, from a pavement engineering perspective, the most onerous of any of the transport environments.

Port pavements require a totally different approach in how we make them function, for how long we expect them to function, and just what maintenance levels are acceptable.

Our experience with such heavy loads at both ports and elsewhere mean that we understand these issues very well and can provide robust designs that are tailored to local conditions and yet represent best value in terms of material choice and construction method.