Structural Engineering

Structural engineering in many respects is Norder’s primary area of expertise.

The scope of our involvement ranges from small scale to £multimillion developments where our ability covers:

1. General building structure design
2. Structural dynamics
3. Heavy industrial developments
4. Management and development of multidisciplinary engineering design
5. Process engineering structures
6. Temporary structures

A key aspect of our success in these fields of structural engineering is that we use our experience of how projects are put together along with our keen understanding of health & safety, hygiene, and periphery obligations thereby providing added value to our clients.

We are experienced in developing designs in complex engineering environments where we are able to use our knowledge to create innovative and effective solutions.

Depending on our clients’ requirements, we can assemble and lead other companies that offer unique specialisms so that we are able to provide the ‘one-stop-shop’. Our approach is to identify companies that excel in their fields of knowledge so that the best project solutions can result.

Apart from minor schemes, all of our projects are developed in 3D to allow our clients the maximum flexibility for efficient use on site. This allows total integration between CAD and structural analysis and means that design changes can be rapidly effected. Our team is experienced in the delivery of structural engineering projects where we have generated a keen understanding of the construction process so that fast and efficient construction methods can be incorporated in our design process.

Norder undertakes structural engineering work in many environments including hygienic/process industries, chemical/biotech industries, heavy industry, light industry, rail, nuclear, education, health, and all forms of commercial and public enterprise.

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