Core Services | Structural Engineering

Your world. Secure in our engineering knowledge.

The reason for our structural engineering success is simple. We understand even the most complex environments and apply our knowledge to create innovative and effective solutions.

As one of our primary areas of expertise, Norder excels in structural engineering work in environments ranging from hygienic/process industries, chemical/biotech industries, heavy industry and light industry to rail, nuclear, education, health, and all forms of commercial and public enterprise.

We think you’ll like the way we think.

We apply innovative thinking to every area of project management, using our vast experience of project implementation, together with a keen understanding of health & safety, hygiene, and peripheral project obligations to provide added value in every area of our service. Our experience covers a wide range of developments and projects including:

1. General building structure design
2. Structural dynamics
3. Heavy industrial developments
4. Management and development of multidisciplinary engineering design
5. Process engineering structures
6. Temporary structures

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