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Innovative interior thinking. From Norder.

In the development of new or refurbished facilities, the focus is not just on how everything works, but also how it looks.

Even in the most industrial settings there are always ancillary spaces linked to heavy manufacturing or highly technical areas, where clients often have a broader palette of design requirements. So besides helping clients to fulfil their utilitarian objectives, Norder also caters for businesses with a keen interest in creating on-trend, industry-leading interior environments.

Harwell Interiors


Making the practical, aesthetically pleasing.

The human scale elements of a workplace are vital components in creating an environment that is enjoyable to be in and inviting for customers and staff to interact in. Our experience of creating bespoke retail, hospitality, office and leisure interiors can really add to the overall design aesthetic. The scope of many projects includes visualising or reimagining staff and customer facing areas such as offices, meeting rooms and extends to specifying all aspects of interior design, from floor finishes, furniture, lighting, ceilings and bespoke joinery or metalwork such as reception desks or staircases.

Quantum Interiors

Quantum Interiors

Bringing design inspiration to your specification.

As all leading interior designers know, it’s not just about the specification but about the inspiration behind it. Having the technical knowledge and experience to know what a design product’s strengths and limitations are and how it can be applied to best effect. Whether clients have a specific design requirement or present us with a completely open brief, our innovative approach and attention to detail will ensure that the various elements of a project knit together perfectly to accurately match and aesthetically exceed expectations.