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People think of us because we put more thought into Health & Safety.

Current regulations place a number of responsibilities and obligations on a client (defined as the person or organisation for whom construction work is being carried out).

At Norder, we’re here to help at every stage, ensuring you’re both fully compliant and fully protected.

These obligations include:

  • To appoint a Principal Designer if more than 1 contractor will be involved on the project
  • To appoint a Principal Contractor if more than 1 contractor will be involved on the project
  • To check the competence and resources of all appointees
  • To ensure there are suitable management arrangements for the project, including welfare facilities
  • To allow sufficient time and resources for all stages of the project
  • To provide relevant information prior to construction to all contractors and designers

Airfield Model

East Midlands Airport

Our Principal Designer service is all part of the service.

Norder offers a comprehensive Principal Designer service via our professionally qualified in-house team. The main duty of any Principal Designer is to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the pre-construction phase of a project and take account of the general principles of prevention.

So we are here to provide the reliability and reassurance you need by assisting you with:

  • Provision and circulation of preconstruction information
  • Notifying the Health and Safety Executive of the project using regulatory forms
  • Advising on construction Health and Safety matters
  • Providing Key Document and Health and Safety Files when the project is complete

Media Wales

Media Wales

Putting Health and Safety first.

We are also able to offer construction or on-site Health and Safety support to Clients and Contractors in areas such as:

  • Hazard identification
  • COSHH assessments
  • Site Inspections
  • Method statements
  • Risk assessments

Uppingham School

Uppingham School