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Attention to detail is what we do.

With any new project, it’s not a question of what the proposed building will be, but what it’s being built on; from an engineering perspective by far the most important aspect of any site investigation is ground conditions.

When investigating a site, it is essential to investigate any items necessary to achieving planning permission and compliance with relevant legislation. At Norder, we have many years’ experience working with leading site investigation partner companies including surveyors and geologists, giving you the detailed reporting and analysis required to begin sound project implementation.

Our soils experience places projects on a firmer footing.

When proceeding with any soil investigation, the key point is knowing what needs to be achieved from the ground in order to make the project successful. Norder has invaluable experience in defining the scope and scale of investigation required to meet the engineering demands of the project. While we often work with interpretive reports provided by others, we pride ourselves on having a proven in-house capability to accurately interpret soil investigations, providing complete reassurance.