Concrete Barrier Systems

Norder have been developing concrete barrier solutions for industry since 2008 and through their extensive knowledge of slipform processes have developed anti terrorism security barrier systems as well as road safety barrier systems. Norder’s experience in the design for slipform process extends over many years through our involvement with PJ Davidson & BBS Barrier systems and a number of slipform paving contractor specialists.

Through effective design, it is possible to use one concrete barrier system to serve a multitude of functions including flood prevention, vehicle safety, hostile vehicle damage limitation, security fencing foundations these benefits highlight how concrete offers the low carbon footprint solution.

Significant projects include provision of:

  • Technical development of a new high containment slipformed concrete road safety barrier system for PJ Davidson called DCB
  • Anti-terrorism barrier solutions for the the 2012 Olympics
  • A major sea defence flood barrier solution to surround a UK nuclear power station


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