Sectors | Concrete barrier systems

Extending the boundaries of concrete barrier capability.

Our ability to develop innovative solutions has enhanced both concrete barrier system capability and functionality.

Where there is no margin for error, Norder has the right solution.

The greater the threat or hazard level, the greater level of expertise required. Through a process of rigorous technical development, we have proven it is possible to use a one barrier system to serve a multitude of functions, from flood prevention and vehicle safety to hostile vehicle damage limitation and security fencing foundations, positioning concrete as the high safety, security, low carbon solution for multiple environments.

Since 2008 we have applied our extensive knowledge of slipform processes to the development of advanced concrete barrier systems. Through successful collaborations with sector specialists such as PJ Davidson and Britpave, we have developed high tech road safety barrier solutions and ultra-secure anti-terrorism security barrier systems across major projects such as:

  • DCB, a new high containment slipformed concrete road safety barrier system for PJ Davidson which successfully completed numerous crash tests and has now been implemented along numerous motorways around the UK
  • Tried, tested and trusted anti-terrorism barrier solutions have proven their effectiveness at the 2012 Olympics and at nuclear facilities around the UK
  • A major sea defence flood barrier solution protecting a UK nuclear power station