Sectors | Aviation

Taking to the air with confidence.

Airports are a key area of transport specialism for Norder, with extensive experience in both the landside and airside environment. Our involvement includes the development of intelligent and efficient civil engineering design solutions at civilian and military airports, including aircraft bridging and buried structures, pavements, drainage, geotechnical engineering and buildings.

Airport pavements
At the forefront of new pavement materials technology, our team has been designing airport pavements for over twenty years. We are very experienced in airport pavement design for the full range of aircraft traffic and climatic conditions which means we can provide quick advice to clients based on limited data, or we can provide full condition reports based on a programme of data collection. Our work includes pavement inspections, PCI and PCN studies, new build designs, rehabilitation designs and maintenance profiling using FAA, EASA, and ICAO criteria.
Private aerodromes
General aviation aerodrome planning and design is where our love of aviation began.
The day-to-day challenges faced by GA aerodromes are no less demanding than those faced by larger airports. By understanding the constraints that limited budgets pose, Fjori is able to meet these challenges with clever solutions which result in projects being affordable, achievable, and meet licensing standards. This may include aerodrome safeguarding, grass runway strengthening and drainage improvements, rehabilitating and bringing back into service old aircraft pavements or developing high level master plans for aerodromes, including budget estimates for works programmes.
Military airfields
Where Norder's combined skills ensure operational readiness.
Military airfields represent some of the most demanding environments for aircraft pavements, requiring very stringent controls on materials and design details. With experience of both RAF and USAFE bases, staff at Norder understands the critical need for operational readiness of military airfield facilities and how to create airfield designs that demonstrate optimal through-life costs by minimising maintenance liabilities. We also recognise that projects can be cross-funded by NATO, USAFE, or the MoD, requiring satisfaction of multiple design criteria.
Heliports, helidecks & helipads
Where Norder’s knowledge helps clients discuss their plans with local airports and licensing authorities.
With a diverse range of clients including Premier League football clubs and major manufacturers, whether it's incorporating a new helipad into an existing scheme or re-configuring a site to accommodate moving a current helipad, Norder provides advice and designs for structural construction as well as airspace operations. As members of the British Helicopter Association, Norder ensures that it maintains a close contact with the industry and those responsible of regulating landing facilities.
FBO Planning
Where understanding our customer’s customers is where we stand out. The business of receiving, handling, and maintaining corporate jets while providing a seamless service for their owners is all about maintaining very high customer service levels. Norder carries out full apron and airside planning and engineering for FBO and hangar facilities with this in mind, planning always for the full passenger process and experience.
Airfield engineering
It's what we do… Norder provides engineering services for airfield projects, ensuring that they are not only engineered to comply with all necessary safety and regulatory requirements, but also developed with functionality, budgets, and simplicity in mind. We offer our specialist knowledge not only to end-user clients, but also to professional service companies who do not possess airfield engineering capabilities and constructors on a design and build or advisory basis.
Airfield Planning
Airfield planning integrated with the demands of maintenance and renewals programmes.
Successful airfield planning requires skills to align the business case with capital expenditure, market demand, environmental constraints, and social sustainability. Our airfield master planning services provide clear and robust recommendations which master planning teams can place reliance upon when developing business plans for future aircraft developments, traffic increases, or compliance towards new regulatory and statutory policies.
Airfield asset advice
Our service offering is worldwide, unique, and low risk.
We offer our airport technical capabilities and experience to PPP advisory teams to enable them to more robustly advise vendors, investors, operators, and constructors on potential risks associated with the airfield infrastructure. With a focus on the effects of changes in market demand, we have provided advice on numerous airport sale transactions across Europe, South America, and the Far East.
Airfield capacity evaluation
We own and use the world's most sophisticated airfield capacity planning software.
Knowing when to develop and extend runways, taxiway networks, or aircraft aprons requires alternative approaches depending on available data, timescales, and budgets. At Norder, we used a number of different techniques to model airfield capacity, from very high-level benchmarking to very detailed analysis using our significant investment in CAST software. We have analysed runway, taxiway, and apron capacities for prospective airport concessionaires in France, Italy, Brazil, Japan, and the UK.