Environmental Engineering

Where a project is deemed to potentially have a significant affect on the surrounding environment, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Environmental Statement (ES) will be required prior to receiving planning consent.

Alternatively, assessments for individual key areas including noise, ecology, light impact etc, may be required.

Many brown field sites may also be subject to ground contamination and asbestos contamination resulting from its previous or historical use. A Phase 1 and 2 Geotechnical and Environmental Assessment Report may be required to investigate the levels of ground contamination, along with a Remediation Strategy demonstrating the requirements to clean the site to an acceptable level appropriate for the type of development.

Asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys may be required to locate, as far as practicable, all the asbestos within existing buildings.

Norder are able to facilitate the production of such assessments and reports for submission to the planning authority in order to assist with achieving planning approval and satisfying the associated planning conditions.

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